The World's First
Savoury Water

Many millions of years ago, Mother Nature fatefully forced upon us a flat and flavourless fluid and told us we needed to consume it to survive, and for so long we simply accepted that. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Drinking water doesn’t have to be dull.

Over time, people realised this and started to get a little experimental, exploring fruity infusions and sparkling new spins – but never before has anyone tapped into savoury terrain when it comes to water. Until now.

Snaqua is the world’s first savoury water. A divine, indulgent refreshment; our fresh take on H2O brings new life to your 8 glasses a day.

Water is boring.
Or at least, it was.

Rehydrate while you snack with British classics like Salt & Vinegar and Pork Scratching or gourmet delicacies like Lobster Thermidor and Sichuan Braised Pork Belly; you’ll find savoury water to suit all tastes across our extensive range.

It’s time to give water a refresh. It’s time to bring some excitement to the world’s most boring drink. It’s time to savour(y) every sip with Snaqua.

Go gourmet.
is water
you can
snack on.

Snaqua was inspired by many long nights spent at the pub. Whether it was stood around the pool table, throwing darts, a shuffleboard showdown, or simply after-work drinks at the local, fuelling our competitive energy with one too many nibbles left us looking for a creative way to stay healthy and hydrated on a night out.

We needed a way to enjoy all the glory of classic pub snacks without all the excess salt, sugar and saturated fats, so we devised an unorthodox solution. How can we stay hydrated and healthy on a night of games while still enjoying the savoury hit of our favourite naughty nibbles? Snaqua was the answer.


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UK: Mid-December 2021

EU & Turkey: February 2021

United States, Canada & Australia: May 2022

Rest of the World: Coming Soon!